Tips for Wedding Showers, Parties and Wonderful Recipes

Kathyrn and I often get asked, “What do you do at a gay wedding shower?” First and most importantly, it is great that people have this problem. They find themselves the maids of honor or best men for ceremonies for two brides or two grooms and are not certain how to proceed. There is really no essential difference, but my money is on that the same sex wedding shower will be more fun! Silly gifts are definitely in order.
In a nutshell, the hosts send out invitations, the guests come and bring shower gifts, and everyone eats, drinks, and has a great time. It is optional to play silly shower games, but that is fun, too, and certainly part of shower tradition.
The biggest decision is what the menu will be. If you are wondering what menu might work for an engagement party, bridal shower, anniversary party or any gay occasion, go to Party Ideas for menus complete with excellent recipes. You can file the recipes in your own online file, too.
There is a list of types of parties including brunches, afternoon teas, Mediterranean picnics or a crab feast. The recipes sound yummy! Any of these can be showers, too. and offer wonderful invitations for all kinds of parties. If you can’t find invitations with crabs on them for your crab feast, contact Kathryn. She will help you find the perfect invitation!
For fun party favors and unique gifts for those silly shower games, and offer the perfect solutions. The honorees should definitely be wearing BRIDE caps or GROOM caps with or without a veil!
Be sure to have a Two Brides or Two Grooms soap in the bathroom!
Have fun! Please send us any unique idea which worked for your party or shower!

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