Raise Your Glass And…Ummm….Congratulations on Your Gay Weding!

A TwoBrides.com Customer Asked Us This:
My friends are getting married this weekend and one of the girls’ sisters asked me about what she should say at the reception.  She is standing up for her sister so she has the toast.  Do you know of anywhere that I could look at some sample toasts???????  Or would you have any??? Thanks so much!
Our Answer:
We’ve seen basic wedding toast books at book stores and a few resouces online, where they’ll customize them for you. Perhaps a search via your favorite search engine on a term such as “wedding toasts” would work? Unfortunately, we don’t currently carry any books or resources along those lines.
The best toasts I have heard at gay weddings have been those which reflect in the excitement of the day; acknowledge the growth and development of the individuals getting married (i.e.: highlighting the complement they are to each other) and/or offer a blessing or wish for their union; and, generally, include an anecdote or special story to help the audience better know the journey that one or both members of the couple have experienced.
More broadly speaking: anything from the heart will work wonderfully!
Here’s To You!

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