How Can We Find A Ceremony Site?

Tiffany, a Gay Wedding Fodder reader, posted this question on one of our recent blogs:
How can I find out where me and my soon to be wife can have a ceremony and reception for gays?
The first place I recommend you start is in our vendor directory on one of our sites —, or Simply click on the directory link and then head toward your state to find some gay-friendly vendors. (Our directory is a work in progress and we are always adding new vendors so check back or drop us a line if you can’t find what you’re looking for.)
You can also check your local listings for park spaces, bed & breakfasts (or boutique hotels), general event spaces and call to inquire about their willingness to host a gay or lesbian wedding.
Or, you might begin by looking for an officiate, or justice of the peace, to conduct your ceremony (again, check out our directory for folks in your area). That person may also have some great recommendations for you.
If you’re looking for something other than a civil ceremony, I recommend you check out your local synagogue (Reform tradition), if you are of th Jewish Faith, or well-known gay-friendly churches — Unitarian Universalist, MCC Church, Unity Church, some Episcopalian churches, etc. Many of these organizations, understandably, encourage you to become members of the congregation so visiting a few services might help you know a bit more about the faith and your interest in pursuing that route.
And, finally, if you are still stumped, consider signing up for our introductory or a short-term consultation package and we’ll do the work for you!
Good luck, Tiffany! And, congratulations on your engagement!

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