Ask Gretchen: I Now Pronouce You…

A Question From One of Our Grooms:
I was married and called “husband” for 34 years, and love my current partner far more than I have ever loved anyone before. Life-Partner is a term that is hardly more than two people who are living together, and yet spouse and husband seemed to be used as terms for those who are legally married. I have strong feelings that I want our relationship to be recognized for its value to us, and for our life-long commitment to each other. We will wear wedding bands following our ceremony. Do you have any suggestions or information as to our best options? My partner is concerned, on the other hand, that we not try to emulate a traditional husband-wife marriage and that we also celebrate the special relationship we have as a gay couple.
A Mom’s Answer:
I think life partner is much more than two people who are living together. My daughter calls her partner her wife in select circles and partner in broader circles. Whatever best suits you all is the call. You may find that you move into the terminology which works for you over time.

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