A Common Conundrum For A Lesbian With Tailored Taste

Here’s a question we receive quite often:
I am wanting to find more on what to wear in a lesbian wedding, I am not a dress kind of girl, nor am I one for tuxedos. I noticed in your pictures of the women, I liked a few of the outfits some were wearing. Do you have more information on where to find these outfits? You know, the ones with the pants suits that still look feminine….
I, too, have always been a pants kind of girl. In fact, I was sure that I’d be wearing pants to my own ceremony. One thing led to another, though, an our outdoor, afternoon garden ceremony, turned into an evening event and a seated dinner and our outfits (much to the excitement of my mom!) evolved accordingly.
My partner and I, though, did not want to go the wedding gown route. So, we went shopping at Lord & Taylor and browsed through the formal department. And, sure enough, we found two gorgeous dresses that were simple and tailored (and affordable!) and thus fit the bill for us.
Through that experience, and as we talked with friends who were trying to find tailored outfits for their weddings, we realized that there are a lot of resources out there, you just have to be willing to hunt for them.
I often encourage brides to shop at local department stores. Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom — whatever store has a decent evening wear section. You’ll have to wade through a lot of clear “No Way!” options, but you might find something that works. In particular, look for outfits that, in the heterosexual community, seem often worn by the “mature bride” or by a mother of a bride or groom. Any suit you find in white or ivory will work. And (in a nod to my mom’s style!), you can add a sequin or two as you see fit.
One of the most beautiful tailored suits I saw on a bride was at a friend’s wedding. She found a local tailor in Richmond and had the suit custom-adapted for her. She looked gorgeous! So, I also recommend that you call around to a few bridal shops and small specialty boutiques in your area to see if they have or can make more tailored, yet formal, pantsuits in white or ivory.
If you want something a little less bridal, you can also consider a really hip suit. I recommend a shopping trip to New York for the hottest finds, but you could also find some success at Nordstrom or Armani to name a couple.
I hope this helps a bit. I do believe that you should feel comfortable and express your personality and style at your ceremony. You can always take it up a notch (in terms of dressing up a bit more than you normally would), but you don’t want to go so overboard that your outfit distracts your guests from noticing anything more other than your bridal glow!
For fun reading, check out this article written for Boston’sBay Windows, called The Clothes Make the Wo/Man.
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If you have a tip to add for curious brides having to make the dreaded shopping rounds, please feel free to add a comment below!