Not Leader of this World

Reflections by Gretchen
The Dutch do it. The Canadians do it. The Belgians do it. The Spaniards do it. The British do it. Now the South Africans do it. What do these countries do? They all grant marriage equality to same sex couples. “Additionally, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland all offer some level of domestic partnership or civil union protections to same-sex couples and their families.” {…from} Hmmmm….. Did I miss seeing the United States in the list above?
The USA is called the leader of the free world. This certainly calls into question which free world the USA is leading. Same sex couples would say they do not live in a free world protected by equal rights. As a mother of a lesbian I say my daughter and her partner (my daughter-out of-law) live in a different America than my heterosexual son and his wife. Regarding same sex couples having equal rights, the United States is barely on the playing field with a few states {Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut} bold enough to grant equal states rights to same sex couples. As a country we are not even on the game board yet except to lead as the preventor of equal rights for same sex couples. Review the difference marriage equality would make at Marriage Equality.
I support each and every American having different views and different opinions, but it is critical that we join the world’s progress in granting any consenting adult couple equal rights under federal law. This can and should be a civil process. Given our freedom of religion each church or religion in the USA can decide whether to allow same sex couples to marry in their churches. We fought for the right to have church and state separate. Let’s keep it this way. Whether or not a same sex couple can jointly file their income tax is not going to change America as we know it now. Same sex couples and their families live happy productive lives all over our great country presently. They just live minus some rights that other couples enjoy by law. Let’s set this injustice straight! No pun intended.