Mother of A Bride Gets Mad About Proposed Texas Amendment

NoNonsenseLG.jpgTomorrow is election day here in Texas. As a proud native Texan, I feel ashamed that a small group of fellow Texans have proposed to amend the Texas Constitution to limit rights of another group of fellow citizens. Fellow citizens who happen to identify as something other than “straight” (or, as a former student of my daughter’s would say, identify as something other than “non-gay”).
The likelihood (according to conventional wisdom) is that this amendment will pass and that same sex couples and their families could be in danger of losing the legal arrangements they have carefully constructed with an attorney to protect their joint home ownership, medical directives, retirement beneficiaries and guardianship. Heaven help us that same sex couples have legal arrangements which have any legal status identical to or similar to marriage! Is this really so threatening?
Can you tell I am a bit angry about this?
I know I am supposed to remain cool under fire and stay rational, but it is hard to be rational about something so mean-spirited. I wonder sometimes if people think for themselves!
Who are these people who are proponents of this? What are they afraid of? Some are voting for this amendment in order to ban gay marriage in Texas. This is a bit of overkill for something which is already illegal in Texas. Marriage in Texas is presently defined by law as only between a man and a woman. The vote tomorrow will not change this. Same sex marriage would remain unrecognized, from a legal perspective, even if the amendment fails to pass.
It does close a door to legally wed or legally joined same sex couples who might move to Texas from Massachusetts, Vermont, or Connecticut. With this amendment in place Texas cannot recognize unions from anywhere else. I suppose this is to protect us from same sex couples who move to our great state? Personally, I have never felt the need to protect myself from these mysterious same sex couples.
My favorite Baptist is also a columnist for the Dallas Morning News. He always puts these controversial matters in a good perspective. This week he wrote an outstanding column entitled We Can’t Help Who We Fall in Love With.
His take on this horrible amendment and one which resonates with me so clearly:
Many people I respect seem caught in a semantic quandary. They believe that gays deserve fair treatment. But they are deeply troubled by expanding marriage to include same-sex couples.
For me, it boils down to a pretty simple “duck” test. (You know, “if it quacks like a duck …”) Gay couples I know have relationships that sure quack and waddle in a very familiar way, one I call “marriage.”
To me, marriage is about commitment, not plumbing.
But I understand that society changes in stages. So if it’s just words that hang people up, then fine, let’s find some new ones for this new territory. Fairness is the real issue here, not vocabulary.
And that’s where Proposition 2 goes wrong. This amendment goes far beyond defining marriage. In a case of overkill, it goes on to deny gay people “any legal status identical to or similar to marriage.”
Did you get that swipe?
Forget about marriage, the amendment tells gay couples, and also forget any other legal commitment that even smells like marriage.
Look, I can’t explain love. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James? That will always be a mystery to me. Gay couples may baffle you even more.
But should we deny them the right to unite their lives – just because we don’t understand?

Thank you, Steve Blow, for your thoughtfulness on this topic and your courage to address it so often in your column. I’m still mad about this and we’ve got a long way to go, but I’m glad that you are out there helping me to convince people that this proposed amendment is an abomination in its own right. It sure doesn’t address any Family Values I hold near and dear to my heart.
My husband and I will be voting NO tomorrow. Join us.

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