Is this your first Thanksgiving together?

In case you are trying to figure out your Thanksgiving menu for next week, you will find lots of suggestions and recipes at Williams Sonoma.
If you have not tried brining a turkey yet, give it a go. Brining, soaking a turkey in salt water prior to roasting, gives it a wonderful flavor and moistness.
What a perfect time around the dinner table to have some challenging conversations, too! Have you come out to your family and friends? This may be the easiest time to talk about what everybody already knows or at least suspects. Wouldn’t you be thankful to finally not to have to hide who you are anymore or continue hiding who your “friend” or “roommate” really is?
Then it will be your parents turn to come out to their friends! Read my story of how my husband and I came out to our family and friends in an earlier story here on our blog: Parents! Come on Out!.
As I say to my kids, “Gobble, Gobble!”
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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