Grandmother of A Bride Is Due Big Kudos

Kathryn’s 89 year old grandmother, while busily cooking dinner for a dinner party this evening, realized suddenly she had not yet gone to vote today. Today the amendment to the Texas Constitution banning same sex marriage is on the ballot; it also is a threat to anything which looks like same sex marriage, possibly jeopardizing private contracts between same sex couples. Even though she thought for a moment she was just too busy to go vote, she put her spatula down and said to herself, “Of course, I have the time! Besides Kathryn will kill me if I don’t go vote.” She jumped (some literary license here) in her car and drove herself to the polls. She voted against the amendment, seeing the meanness and lack of necessity or any reason for such a law.
How many of us react to the urgency of a situation like this as this grandmother did?
There is a lesson for us all here. Knowing her ability as a cook and a hostess, her dinner party will come off without a hitch tonight. I know I do not have one spare minute when I am preparing for a dinner party. Yet she was willing to put herself in a time bind to make sure she did her part in securing fair and equal rights for her beloved granddaughter. This was the most important activity on her calendar today, judging by her actions.
Would you postpone a phone call or some correspondence or delay a meeting to make certain you voted? Every vote counts. Be sure yours is counted.

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