From The Gay Wedding Mailbag — Practical Magic: Moms With Passion

e-stamp-LG.jpgDear Reader,
You know how I love our mailbag! Here’s another great letter we just received!
Thanks, Kathryn and Gretchen for the nice things you’ve said about Atticus Circle in this space. What connects all of us in this work is our passion … and our practicality.
Our passion to change what’s wrong … our practicality in doing what needs to be done.
I love the fact that Gretchen started her company, now known as, for the simple reason that there was no service to help her daughter celebrate her partnership. Talk about necessity being the mother of invention … as a mother doing right by her daughter, Gretchen has taken necessity and made it into a venture that has helped many couples mark that special day.
Practicality motivated my passion, too. When I learned how marriage inequality hurt the children of same-sex couples, I wanted to do something. I wanted a place where a straight person could stand out and stand up … and there wasn’t one. So I created Atticus Circle where thousands of people who believe in equal rights for all partners, parents and their children now stand together to end discrimination based on who someone loves.
I have been moved by the many people who have joined us … as supporters, donors and advocates. How these people came to join us demonstrates the magic that happens when passion and practicality combine!
An article about Atticus in a business publication motivated one man to call and thank me for providing a “safe place” for him to stand up. He is now one of our biggest contributors.
A conversation that started with a request for directions ended with a young man in Charlottesville, Virginia, joining us and bringing his mother in as a member as well. Matt and his partner are now engaged so maybe is in their future!
A desire to work with my dear friend Jeff Lutes on this issue prompted an amazing partnership with Soulforce, the group he now serves as Executive Director. We are organizing Seven Straight Days for Equal Rights, a weeklong event in September 2007 that will give straight people all across the country a place to stand up for equal rights.
The very practical need to build the grassroots support needed for an action like that has Atticus Circle launching, Fifty Friends Forward. We are trying to get fifty new members from each of the fifty states. Will you help us spread the word? We have postcards you can send to their friends and emails they can forward as well. It’s a great time to pull out the old address book and re-connect with old friends.
Passion and practicality. Another way of saying, “Find your passion and make it happen.” That’s what we’re all doing. Whether we’re building a relationship and marking that commitment with a ceremony, or fighting for a cause we believe in … and finding fellow travelers to share the journey with us. I’m honored to be on the road with passionate people like Gretchen, Kathryn and you.
Anne S. Wynne
Founder, Atticus Circle

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