First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby On A Family Cruise!

“First comes love, then comes marriage”, then come the kids on a Rosie Cruise! Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Dallas premiere of “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise”, an HBO Documentary which will air on April 6th. Get your handkerchief ready! I was wiping tears from my eyes during the whole film. It is hard to believe that there are those who hate and denigrate these families, whether it be a couple or a couple with children. I honestly do not know how anyone will be able to watch this film and not change their thinking at least a little bit. Let’s send this film to everyone in Washington!
Seeing all these wonderful families able to be free and to be themselves….to live in the space of total freedom with no judgement for a week! Couples could hold hands, steal a kiss in the sunset, kids could play with other kids from families just like theirs. One little boy was overheard in the pool asking a new friend, ” Do you have Mommies or Daddies?” In real life these kids often must explain that their parents may look different from other parents, but “look different” is the only difference. Parents are parents, and a pair of gay or lesbian parents are no different. The tremendous love, devotion, and even frustration is exquistely revealed in the film. It was especially moving to see two fathers tend to their babies or their teenage daughter.
Gay parents more than others know what a privilege it is to be parents, and it shows. Every pregnancy or adoption is planned with great forethought, expense, and usually difficulty. I did not know that in some states lesbian women can only buy frozen sperm, not fresh sperm! My goodness, I continue to be shocked at the depth of discrimination in this country toward this community.
I also was shocked to see that some small religious groups demonstrated against these families as they disembarked in Nassau. It is one thing to say all the hateful things which get said in demonstrations, but these Christians were yelling these terrible things where these precious innocent children were walking with their parents. I don’t understand. The gay parents aren’t going to stop being gay, but the children will be hurt and probably do not understand if they are young.
In many cases with gay families, the order is a bit different than as I first said here. Often it is “First comes love”, then come kids, and “then comes marriage” between Mommy and Mommy (or Daddy and Daddy)! (This is not so different in the straight world these days!) Many couples had their weddings on board ship with their children in attendence. One couple told how important it was to their children for them to be married and that the children seemed even more excited than they were that their parents were finally getting “married” (not necessarily legal marriage). It is a bit disconcerting as one pair of dads said, ” We are legal adoptive parents of these children, but it is illegal for us to be married!” Go figure……
Set your Tivos for “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise” on HBO on April 6th! It is a treat to watch, and you will be glad you did. I am already making a list of those to whom I want to send the future DVD of this.
If you want to join Rosie and Kelli on a Family Cruise, click here to find the latest schedules. This summer’s cruise is almost sold out, so don’t wait! You may see me on one next year! Everyone goes on these cruises–gay families and their extended families, straight families and friends, regardless of race or sexual orientation! How good is that!
Join Kelli, Rosie, HRC, and all of us at in helping to build a straight alliance with the GLBT community across this nation. When we all join together on behalf of fairness and justice for these wonderful families and those who will be future families, we will be able to finally secure equal rights for a group of Americans who do not enjoy the same rights that we non-gay folks do.

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